Your Guide to getting the perfect breast shape and size

Perfect Breast Shape and Size

What is the perfect breast shape and size

Finding the ideal breast shape that is universally accepted to be the “perfect breast shape” is difficult, if not downright impossible. First of all, what is attractive differs from one person to another.   Furthermore, ideals of beauty, including what constitutes perfect breasts, often varies among different cultures.


For women who are considering getting breast enlargement surgery, one of the foremost questions that they have is what the perfect breast shape is. The answer to the question will be different for every woman.   One factor to consider in determining what a perfect breast size is for a woman is the type of body shape and size that she has. For example, if she has a petite build a smaller implant is sufficient to give the appearance of a fuller bust.   For a woman who has a larger frame, a larger breast implants will be more appropriate. A woman who wants to get breast enhancement surgery should also think about her physical comfort, especially vis-a-vis her everyday activities. A woman who is very athletic may find that large breasts can interfere with her active lifestyle. Large breasts may also put strain on the back of women who are very petite.

The Perfect Breast Shape depends on your tastes and lifestyle


Perfect Breast Shape
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Of course, in finding the perfect breast shape for each individual woman, it is also important to consider what she finds attractive. When she looks at magazines or TV shows, what kind of breasts does she find more attractive or appealing. However, it’s important to temper the expectations with reality by considering only women with similar body types. She may also ask her surgeon to show some before and after pictures of previous patients that have similar body types to have an idea of what other women with similar bodies look good with.


For a breast shape and size to be perfect, it should be proportional to the woman’s frame and build. Most people believe that the ideal breast size should be approximately equal to the hips with a considerably narrower waist between the two. It’s important to take into account the woman’s body build in determining the perfect breast shape for her in order to keep the proportions ideal. For example, if a woman has big arms or stomach, it will take larger breasts to achieve the right profile. On the other hand, large breast implants may look overwhelming on a tiny woman.


A woman’s taste and clothing should also be a factor in determining the perfect breast shape for her. For instance women who like clothes with heavier fabrics will look better with larger breasts. Conversely, women who prefer flimsy or lighter clothing will look best with moderate breast size. Certain occupations should also be factored in, such as having a career in the entertainment industry were larger breasts may prove to be an asset.

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